Bigbasket Clone- Why Are Entrepreneurs Investing Their Money for App Development?

With the extensive use of smartphones, the on-demand grocery delivery service is now trending in this technological world. Many people are moving from traditional shopping to online shopping due to various reasons. People who do not have time to visit the grocery store for shopping are mostly preferring grocery apps. They do not want to stand in a queue for a long time. Using this, they can purchase their essentials from anywhere at any time with various payment options. Then, ordered groceries will be delivered to your users. Many grocery stores are creating an online presence to get noticed by customers looking for the grocery app.

Market opportunities for an on-demand grocery app

The estimation is that the online grocery market will reach US $59.5 billion by 2023. In the market, numerous grocery apps are available. Some of them are BigBasket, Fresh Direct, InstaCart, and so on. There is a greater chance of earning massive revenue from starting the online grocery store for Entrepreneurs or business owners. One huge advantage of having only the online grocery app is that business owners do not have to maintain a separate shop; instead, they can keep their groceries in the warehouse. From there, they can deliver the products as per the order made by the customer.

Why do you have to choose a Bigbasket-like app for grocery app development?

Bigbasket is one of the leading online grocery stores that runs successfully in the digital market. This company sells all food products that include fruits, vegetables, and beverages. It was founded in 2011 and became famous for offering customer-centric services globally. There are two ways of creating the BigBasket like app. One way is developing the app from scratch and the second way is customizing the BigBasket clone app solution. Many small businesses and new Entrepreneurs choosing the second way to mark their online presence. It is the best choice for Entrepreneurs. At Tranxit, we provide a BigBasket clone app with exciting features and immersive UI for businesses. BigBasket clone app lets customers shop groceries with ease. This app can be customized according to the individual business needs and launched in a blink of an eye.

Do you know the working model of the Bigbasket like app?

In general, two online grocery business models are available, namely inventory-led and hyper-local-delivery. BigBasket follows the inventory-led model, i.e., they buy groceries from popular/leading suppliers and store them in the warehouse. Once the customers order the groceries from the BigBasket app, they will assign the delivery executive and deliver the ordered groceries to the customer's doorstep. This is how the BigBasket works. Now, it is necessary to know how the BigBasket like app works. The simple steps specified below give a clear view of the working model of the app.

  • Step 1 Customers open the app and log in to their account using their login credentials.
  • Step 2 They can search for the nearest outlets/store and place the essentials in their cart. Once they check the ordered items, the app will prompt them to pay.
  • Step 3 After the payment, the respective store will pack the order, and the delivery executive will pick the order from the shop.
  • Step 4 At last, the delivery executive delivers the order to the respective customer. The app shows the customer for the feedback. It is up to the customer choice to put ratings & reviews.

Essential features of the Bigbasket clone app

Before you move on to the BigBasket clone app development, take a look at the features.

Customer app

  • Categories/Subcategories The app shows the products in a categorized manner to help customers to find the products to order quickly.
  • Instant/Schedule Order Customers have the choice to order groceries immediately or schedule the order accordingly.
  • Multiple Outlets This feature allows the customers to browse outlets based on their location. Or else, they can search for any particular store.
  • Filter Option Using this feature, customers can filter their search through product availability, price, location, ratings, and so on.
  • Live Tracking It enables the customer to track the delivery executive's real-time location who is responsible for delivering their order.
  • Favorites/Wishlist There is no need to search for your products every time. It's better for customers who add their favorite or the most needed product in Favorites/Wishlist. It is easier for them to order them in a minute.
  • Store profile The store's complete details (products, ratings, price, and reviews) will be available.
  • Push Notifications The app will send a message to notify the customers about the order confirmation and delivery status.
  • Payment options This app offers various payment methods like credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and an electronic wallet.
  • Change address Customers can change their delivery address at any time using this feature.

Delivery executive app

  • OTP Verification To use this app, delivery executives have to register with the app using the OTP sent to their official phone number.
  • Submit/Verify Documents The delivery executives must upload essential documents for verification.
  • Delivery Request They can accept multiple delivery requests from different restaurants on a single platform.
  • Availability Toggle The delivery executive can show their availability for a particular request or a whole day by enabling this feature.
  • Earnings Details The app will display the consolidated report of the financial performance of the delivery executive. This report will be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Bank Details They should add their active bank account details. So that they will receive the commission fee for their delivery service.
  • Referral Bonus They can share the referral code with their family members, friends, or neighbors. They will get a referral bonus if their acquaintances use the referral code.
  • Request Option Based on the delivery executive's convenience, they have the choice to accept or reject the delivery request.
  • Transaction Requests They can view the transaction details. Additionally, they can request the admin to process the transaction instantly.
  • Route Optimization Every customer wants their groceries to be delivered as early as possible. For this, the app will show the shortest route with less traffic to the delivery executive while delivering.
  • Delivery History Delivery executives can view the report of completed/pending/canceled deliveries.
  • Calling & Messages In case of any queries, delivery executives can communicate with the customers using the in-app chat and call feature. This feature is helpful to avoid misconceptions.

Store App

  • Manage orders Store managers can manage all the order metrics, including received orders, processed orders, and dispatched orders.
  • Manage delivery Once the order is dispatched from the store, store managers can track the delivery status until the customer gets in hand.
  • Manage product This feature allows the store manager to add/remove/change the products, including the description and pricing details.
  • On/Off Product If any of the products is out of stock, store managers have to turn off the toggle for the respective product using this feature.
  • Multi-Selection Option Using this feature, store managers can categorize the products based on similarities. This might help to improve the product visibility. As a result, it leads to sales conversion.
  • Add Item They can add new products without a hitch.
  • Earning Statistics Thesis report displays the number of orders accepted, rejected, and fulfilled by the stores. This is for the store owner's reference. So that they can improve their sales performance after analyzing the report.
  • Delivery Service Radius Store managers can set the location limit, i.e., deliver products to the specified radius.
  • Order Cancellation charge The app charges the store owner if they cancel any orders. This cancellation may vary.
  • Extra Charges In addition to the product's basic price, they can impose extra charges such as tax service charges or customization charges.

Are you looking for an on-demand grocery app development company?

On-demand Bigbasket grocery app development

Once you get the working model and features of the BigBasket clone app, you can move to the next level, i.e., the app development process. Now, you have to choose the best clone app development company to develop an app like BigBasket. It's great if you choose us.

The main seven steps in the BigBasket clone app development process are mentioned below.

  • 1 Requirement analysis You have to discuss your ideas with our business experts. They will help you to set a frame on which the app must be built.
  • 2 Market Research Business experts will analyze the current market trends from the research outcomes.
  • 3 App Design In this stage, the app layout will be designed. Also, a working prototype will be built. New features can be added according to the business requirements. In short, this stage is all about app customization.
  • 4 App deployment Our team of well-experienced developers will develop the BigBasket like app that suits your needs.
  • 5 App Testing In this post-development process, the app will be tested for performance, speed, security, and various other parameters.
  • 6 App Launch Once the app passes the testing stage, the app will be live on major platforms with your approval.
  • 7 Support & Maintenance Our support team will provide technical assistance after launching the BigBasket clone app for a limited period.

The best revenue model of the BigBasket clone app

In general, the grocery app like BigBasket follows three main methods for revenue.

  • Delivery fee The main source of revenue for the BigBasket like app is delivery fees. You can charge any amount to deliver the product. Some used to discount the price and get profit by charging more for the delivery fee. It is up to your decision how much money you want to collect for delivering the product.
  • Commission on each product You can get a commission from the store you integrate with the app, like charging a monthly price.
  • Brand establishment It is a common way to get revenue from grocery apps like BigBasket, i.e., by posting advertisements for your clients.

How Entrepreneurs get benefit from the Bigbasket clone app?

From the Entrepreneur's perspective, creating the BigBasket like app is money-saving. This app is more customer-friendly, i.e., it offers a hassle-free service. As a result, business owners gain loyal customers. In this competitive world, to stand unique among your competitors is necessary. Considering this, developing a BigBasket like app with customized features is one of the best ways.

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