Gojek Clone- Build Your On-demand Multi Service App in 2021

As well, the fame of multi-service apps has increased to some extent. People constantly use many on-demand services online. As long as the demand for services exists, the mobile app to assist these services has a huge demand.

How does a GoJek clone help to increase your business revenue?

According to Statista, the food delivery industry shows an annual growth rate of 6.4%. Similarly, the ride-hailing industry's revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.4%. So, the competition in these industries is high.

GoJek is one of the most popular multi-service apps and its growth is tremendously high. Entrepreneurs willing to build a new business in this industry can prefer this clone app because the existing app is well established.

Gojek clone offers multiple features (on-demand transportation, delivery, and household services) from a single platform. This app comes with a ready-made solution and can be customized according to business requirements. We provide the GoJek clone solution to entrepreneurs that suit their business needs. It helps businesses to grow faster in this digital world.

How super apps became popular?

During the pandemic, many services were paused, including transportation. Consumers fear moving out of their homes even to buy essentials and order their daily needs online. It encourages many entrepreneurs to start multiple service applications. It is a big boom even after the lockdown has lifted. Consumers are getting used to the online platform to purchase everything they want and avail of other essential services they need. In addition to the available on-demand services in the super app, there is a chance of including some other services like wealth management, selling cinema tickets, banking services, accommodation, and flights. It is predicted that there might be considerable demand for super apps like GoJek in the future.

What is the need to develop a GoJek like app?

GoJek is a single app for various services like ordering foods, digital payments, shopping, commuting, and hyper-local delivery. This is the main reason for calling GoJek a super app.

Many people run out of storage space in their phones to install many applications for different services. In such cases, they have to delete some applications that they use less. There arises the concept of availing various services from a single platform that makes it easy for people. This nifty app gets notified by many in recent days.

That's why business owners are willing to invest their money in these kinds of apps to grow their business.

Want to develop a Gojek like app?

Business owners or entrepreneurs have to consider many factors to develop a GoJek like app. Before that, you should have a well-planned business model to implement. The quickest steps for the GoJek like app are here.

  • Target niche First, find who is your target market. It helps to narrow down your audience instead of marketing your product to everyone.
  • App monetization strategies This seems to be not easy as we all expect. You have to choose wisely which app monetization option is right for your business. Make an exact point to generate revenue without affecting the user experience.
  • Analyze competitors Many business owners are launching an app like GoJek. In this competitive world, your app must stand unique so that customers prefer to use it. Get a clear vision of the features you wish to add to the app.
  • Budget You have to set the budget for your business idea before moving forward to the next step.
  • App development company Reach app development companies like Tranxit to develop the GoJek like app. Here, what we do.
  • Step 1 Planning your business model is the first and the foremost thing in the development process.
  • Step 2 After that, you can contact us via any communication mode (email, chat, or call).
  • Step 3 Our developer's team will sketch the framework, and we will show you a live demo of the GoJek clone app.
  • Step 4 If you are satisfied with the demo, you can share your customization idea with us.
  • Step 5 We will white-label the app with your preferred brand name, logo, design, currency, language, and so on.
  • Step 6 Now, we will show the working app demo with your requirements. Once the testing is complete, we will launch your app in Google Play Store and App Store with your approval.
  • Step 7 Finally, we will hand over the app along with the source code to you.

What are the services included in
the Gojek clone app?

Be it pandemic or post-pandemic, people frequently need various services without moving out of their homes. Providing multiple services in a single app is on-demand nowadays. Replicating the GoJek app's same idea with scalable and customizable features is the GoJek clone solution's main concept. It includes 63+ various services, and some of them are listed below.

  • Ride Taxi ride, Car rental, Moto rental, Helicopter ride, Boat ride, Boat rental, Moto ride, and Packers & movers.
  • Delivery Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Courier delivery, Flower delivery, Marijuana delivery, Alcohol delivery, and common deliveries.
  • Other services Doctor, Babysitting, Plumber, Beauty service, Fitness coach, Dog-walking, Carpenter, Electrician, Handy-man, Maids, House Cleaning, Laundry, Lawn-mowing, Physiotherapy, Tour guide, Pest control, Travel agent, Tutor, Vet, Cuddling, DJ, Insurance agent, Home painting service, Massage, Security guard, Worker, and so on.

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What do we include in the GoJek clone package?

Our GoJek clone package includes the following.

  • Website installation Addition to the GoJek clone app, we will provide a website for your business.
  • Licensed source code As technology keeps evolving, there is a need to update your features every time. We give the source code of the app. So, you can customize the app features whenever the need arises.
  • White labeling You have ownership of the app, and you can use your business name and logo.
  • Multiple currencies If you plan to launch this app internationally, there will be no restriction for that. You can use any currency.
  • Privacy We are concerned about our client's privacy a lot. We follow the non-disclosure policy and ensure that we will share your information and business ideas with anyone.
  • Android/iOS We consider all rules and regulations to launch your app on Android and iOS platforms.
  • User-friendly design We ensure the app we built is user-friendly and responsive on various devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets.
  • Additional languages Don't let language be the barrier to your business. We help to add different languages.

Features of GoJek clone

User app

  • Registration/login Users can log in/signup to this app using their email address, password, and social media accounts.
  • Nearby drivers/service personnel Users/customers can search for nearby drivers to avail of the ride-hailing service.
  • Book now or Book later This feature helps the user avail of service at their convenience by scheduling a time.
  • In-app Chat/Call Users can interact with drivers and service providers using the built-in chat/call feature.
  • Multiple payment options Payment mode preference varies from person to person. Keeping this in mind, we integrate this app with various payment gateways.
  • SOS button This feature is useful when a user is in an emergency.
  • Contactless delivery Users can notify the service providers for the contactless delivery by the delivery executive.
  • Take away While ordering from the app, users can prefer to pick their orders from the stores themselves.
  • Booking/Order history All order and ride information are available in this section, where users can view these details later.
  • In-app notifications App notifies upcoming orders/rides, offers & discounts, app updates, etc.
  • Ratings & Reviews The user's choice to share the feedback about how the ride was.
  • Referrals The user's choice to share the feedback about how the ride was.

Store app

  • Store profile This feature is for store managers to create a profile with relevant information. The necessary details include store name, location, and opening & closing times.
  • Categories/Subcategories In this section, store managers must submit the product details in their store.
  • Instant notifications User's request is notified to the store manager using push notifications. Also, they get notifications when the delivery executive is assigned to the order delivery.
  • Order trackings Store managers can track the status of the order and live location of the delivery executive until they deliver the order to the customer.
  • View earnings This section provides daily/weekly/monthly reports of the store manager's earnings.
  • Customer support In case of any issues in the order delivery, the store manager can directly connect with the customer to resolve the queries.

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Advanced features of GoJek clone

  • Multiple payment gateways Our ready-made GoJek clone solution is integrated with various payment gateways. It is convenient for customers to choose their payment modes according to their convenience.
  • In-app wallet This feature allows users to make payments via the app by adding their money to the wallet.
  • Real-time tracking Users can track the drivers' real-time location and vice versa when both are connected for the ride-hailing service.
  • Geofencing This feature notifies the admin when they enter an unsafe place.
  • Call masking Considering both user's and service providers' privacy in mind, this feature masks both of them' phone numbers.
  • Corporate tips If drivers sign up for their corporate trips, they can take trips even from various organizations.
  • Live chat Whenever users have any doubts about availing of the service, they can get assistance from the support team via live chat using this feature.
  • Income statistics Service providers can check out their earnings from the app's income statistics report.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

GoJek clone offers various benefits for Entrepreneurs who need a kickstart for their business. Building an app with an already successful business boosts your business. This is the advantage of getting the GoJek clone app to your business. Once you create the app with a brand name, advertise to your target audience. The app vested with reliable payment gateways will ensure that every transaction is secure.

Does it cost much to develop a GoJek like app?

We know the hurdles faced by startups and small businesses who want to launch the multi-services app. The cost seems to be high if you're going to start from scratch. For that, you can consider the GoJek clone solution. We ensure that the solution is robust and reliable. The major benefit of this solution is scalability. We will customize the app features according to your needs. As already mentioned, this solution is budget-friendly. One more important thing is that the app cost depends on various factors, including platform, size, design, technology, and features of the app.

Why choose us for Gojek like app development?

Many app development companies develop and launch GoJek like apps. We stand unique with our ideas and had many happy clients who are running their businesses successfully. We ensure that we offer end-to-solution from inception to launch.

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