Grofers Clone- Reasons to Get a 100% Customizable On-demand Grocery App for Your Business

It is hard for today’s generation to find some time to buy their essentials and manage their works simultaneously. This is why people don’t visit the grocery store. Instead, they prefer grocery delivery apps like Grofers for shopping online. Especially during the pandemic, people have stepped out of the house only for their needs to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As technology evolves, there are more advantages to the people like they can buy their household items even staying in their houses.

Future scope of the grocery delivery service

The number of active grocery apps users in the United States is 27.9 million. It is predicted that the number of grocery app users will increase and reach 30.4 million customers by 2022. Therefore, investing in grocery app development is the best choice for business owners or Entrepreneurs who wish to begin their business in the online grocery delivery industry. If you still have any doubts about how the grocery apps benefit your business, this blog gives insights into grocery app development.

Why are Grofers like apps in high demand?

Grofers is one of the leading online grocery delivery service providers or companies. It is a startup, which was founded by Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa in 2013. The Grofers app allows the customers to buy groceries, fruits, flowers, vegetables, bakery products, baby care products, and cosmetics from their home itself. Now, Grofers is one of the popular grocery delivery companies. The obvious reason for the popularity among consumers is a hassle-free shopping experience. It is easy for customers to order groceries through an app instead of going to the store. Added to it, doorstep delivery is advantageous for customers as it seems to be time-saving for them.

If you are running a grocery store already, launching a Grofers like app will boost your business to a larger extent. Because, Grofers like apps are so demanding nowadays. Grofers clone app solution can empower business owners to launch their grocery app in a blink of an eye. We focussed on Grofers like app development and other grocery apps. Being a notable grocery app development company, we help businesses to launch Grofers like app. Contact us for further queries.

See how a Grofers-like app works?

The working flow of Grofers like app consists of three main modules.

  • User module It is for customers. They can search for various grocery items in the app and place the order. Once they confirm the order, the app prompts them to make a payment.
  • Grocery store module The app notifies the grocery store owners about the order placed by the users. After that, they will parcel the order.
  • Delivery executive module This is the third stage in which the app notifies the delivery executive of delivery requests. They accept the delivery request, get the order from the grocery store, and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

Process we follow for the Grofers app development

Launching a Grofers like app is simple instead of developing an app from scratch. At Tranxit, we follow the five steps mentioned below.

  • 1 Planning The initial session is about understanding our client’s business ideas. From that, we will make a plan that meets the client’s expectations.
  • 2 UI Design Secondly, we will design the UI of the app based on your theme preferences.
  • 3 Development Meanwhile, our developers will work on the back-end design to ensure the app functionality.
  • 4 Testing We test the app by subjecting it to various test cases. If the app passes the test, it is ready to go live in the market.
  • 5 Launch Our clients can view the live demo of the app. After that, we will launch the app with their approval.

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Salient features of the Grofers clone app

Customer app

  • Sign up/Login Customers can sign up or log in with the app using their Gmail or Facebook account in a minute.
  • Location-based search The app will list the number of grocery stores based on users’ location. Also, they can find any grocery store by entering the store name in the search field.
  • Add to cart This feature will let users add all the selected grocery items to the cart, which makes tallying easy.
  • Manage postal address This feature lets users update their delivery address.
  • Payment system Customers can make payments via PayPal, Stripe, or other popular payment options like debit/credit card, COD, or in-app wallet.
  • Track order The app is integrated with Google Maps and so it is easy for customers to track the order status live.

Grocery store owner app

  • Notification The app sends notifications to the grocery store owner instantly whenever a user places an order.
  • Accept/Reject The store owners can accept or reject the customer’s order based on various criteria like item availability, minimum order quantity, and much more.
  • Order history This feature lets the store owner view the completed, enqueued, and canceled order details along with the invoice details.
  • In-app call The store owner can connect with the customer via the app.
  • Track order This feature allows the store owner to keep track of the dispatched orders. So that they know which orders are delivered to the customers.
  • Online /offline The store owner can show whether the grocery store is open or not by enabling/disabling this feature.

Delivery executive app

  • Order history Delivery executives can check how many orders have been delivered by them previously.
  • Manage profile They can update their profile details, including phone number or email address, at any time.
  • Availability toggle To show their availability, they can turn on this feature.
  • Accept/Reject In case, many orders have been assigned to the same delivery executives, they can accept the one delivery request and reject the remaining.
  • Navigation Once the delivery executive accepts the delivery request, the app will show the best-optimized route from the grocery store to the delivery address.
  • One-tap call Using this feature, the delivery executive and customers can connect.

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How to make money using a Grofers-like app?

There are different monetization strategies available for Grofers like app. Some of them are listed below. You can consider these strategies in mind and implement them according to your business needs.

Delivery fee

Every time the user places the order, you can charge a specific amount as a delivery fee from them. You can charge according to the amount of order they purchase.

Membership fee

Many of the grocery delivery apps provide a membership fee. Usually, on a monthly or yearly basis.

Surge fee

It is an additional delivery charge. If the users place their order during peak hours or any popular delivery times (festive occasion), you can increase the delivery fee accordingly.

How beneficial the Grofers clone solution for business?

There is huge confusion for Entrepreneurs, like whether to go for a whitelabel solution or develop the app from scratch. They can decide which methods they prefer once they know about the benefits of the Grofers clone app solution.

Customizable solution

A white-label Grofers is a ready-made solution that can be easily customized according to individual business needs.

Scalable & robust solution

Scalability is one of the major factors to enhance the overall application performance. The robust nature of the app is considered a chief part.

Multiple payment gateways

The payment gateway integration is less complicated. We integrate Stripe, PayPal, or a payment gateway of your choice.

Quick to launch

As the Grofers app solution is ready-made, it is easy to modify features with zero codings. Therefore, it only takes less time to launch the Grofers like app in the market.

Choose Tranxit for Grofers-like app development?

Tranxit is one of the leading on-demand app development companies offering business owners and Entrepreneurs to unleash their business into the digital space with mobile app solutions. We offer 100% customizable, scalable, and robust app solutions for your business.

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The cost of an app varies depending on the individual client’s business needs. Various factors like features they want to include and the design they choose are considered for fixing the price.

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