Instacart Clone- Reasons behind the Success of the Grocery Delivery Apps in Industry

There is a constant appeal for grocery delivery apps in the digital world. It's of no surprise that where there is a demand, there will be supply. With the rapid development of smartphones, the trend of ordering groceries online increases. People do not have to leave their homes for shopping in hectic life. Insead, they can prefer shopping online according to their convenience.

Future scope and success of the grocery delivery industry

In 2020, the revenue in food and beverage retail ecommerce will exceed 15 billion U.S. dollars and it is predicted that it might reach 20 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. So, there is a huge demand for home delivery services. Many grocery stores are planning to launch an app for home delivery services as it will be more convenient for customers to shop groceries online. It is expected that the number of active grocery app users will reach 30.4 million customers by 2022.

An overview of the the Instacart app and its clone solution

Instacart is an American on-demand grocery delivery app that delivers groceries to the customer’s doorstep on the same day of ordering. It has been running successfully for more than 8 years in the market, which serves more than 200,000 users. It is estimated that its revenue exceeds $13billion. Using the Instacart app, customers can order groceries & fresh food online and get same-day delivery to their doorstep. This makes customers shop easily and conveniently. It is the right choice for business people to launch an Instacart like app as it is already popular among customers.

What is Instacart Clone?

Instacart clone app is a ready-made solution that empowers business people or budding entrepreneurs to launch a grocery delivery app. This app is crafted with top-notch features so that customers can have a friendly app experience. The white-label Instacart clone app solution is robust in nature and it is customizable with additional features based on the business needs.

Let’s look at the working model of the Instacart clone app

Before looking into the app development, here are the quick steps on how the app works.

  • Step 1 Customer opens the app and logs in to their account. They have to allow location access to the app or provide their address manually by entering it in the appropriate field.
  • Step 2 Once done, the app will display a list of nearby grocery stores. They can choose any one of the stores and choose their essential needs from a wide range of available items. Customers have to make a payment from available payment options.
  • Step 3 After customers place the order, the grocery store owner receives the order details and confirms the same. Once the order is packed, a nearby shopper (delivery executive) will get a notification through the app about the order details along with the delivery instructions.
  • Step 4 The local shopper reaches the grocery store, collects the order, and delivers it to the customer. It is upto customer’s choice to give tips for the respective shopper.
  • Point to note - Customers have the option to pick their orders from the grocery store according to their convenience.

A step-by-step instructions for the Instacart app development

Developing an on-demand grocery delivery app like Instacart not only requires coding skills, but also needs industry expertise. At tranxit, we have expert teams who are well-versed in both areas. The step-by-step instructions of our Grocery app development process are mentioned below.

  • 1 Project study and planning First, we understand our client’s business requirements and conduct a detailed research of competitors in the grocery delivery industry. This helps us to come up with an extensive plan.
  • 2 Front-end customization We customize the front-end of the Instacart app with logo, color scheme, and other branding elements like personalized features.
  • 3 Back-end setup We ensure that the app has sufficient storage space so that it keeps running seamlessly.
  • 4 Testing After this, we conduct a series of app testing to ensure that it is bug free and other discrepancies.
  • 5 App delivery Finally, we deliver the fully finished app to our clients. Upon their approval, we will deploy the app in both Android and iOS platforms.

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What are the must-have features you should
include in your Instacart clone app?

In this section, you will see a few of the necessary features that serve the customers, delivery executive (shoppers), and admin.

Customer panel

  • User profile & registration This feature enables the customer to login/signup/register to the app with their email or phone number.
  • Customer feedback Customer giving feedback and reviews on various products allows other people to trust the product and feel secure while shopping online. Especially, when a new customer shops for the first time, they rely on feedback and reviews from existing customers.
  • Delivery tracking It involves real-time tracking of the order arrival from the grocery store.
  • Order management Customers can manage their orders like placing or canceling using this feature.
  • Search option Using this feature, customers can search for a particular product under various categories. It depends on the price range and brands.
  • Multiple payment options The app comes with multiple payment options like COD, debit/credit card, or more.
  • Schedule delivery It will let the customer to schedule the grocery delivery as per their convenient time. It is helpful for them in their busy schedule.
  • Cart and checkout This feature will let the customer view and edit cart contents, use coupons or special offers, set a preferred delivery time and date, include contact details, and specify delivery instructions.

Delivery agent panel

  • Geo-location service With the integration of Google Maps, the geo-location feature will let the delivery executive/agent to track the customer’s location for quick delivery.
  • Accept/reject delivery request This allows the delivery agent to accept or reject the order request as per their convenience.
  • In-app call/chat It helps the delivery agent or executive to communicate with the customer for any queries.
  • Delivery confirmation The delivery executive will receive a notification regarding the order delivery status to get the delivery confirmation from the customer and grocery store.

Admin panel

  • Dashboard This feature helps to track and manage all the orders that have been placed by the customer.
  • Order allocation It involves the allocation of new grocery items to grocery stores so that it is easy to check whether the order execution takes place smoothly or not.
  • Manage payments This features allows to manage all the payment modes, which helpfuls in developing the grocery business further.
  • Assign managers The app allows grocery store managers to manage the orders so that people find it easy while placing orders.
  • Inventory management It allows the admin to manage the inventory and manage the customer orders.
  • Manage customers This feature allows the grocery store owners to manage their customers.

List of some special features that can be added to the Instacart app

  • Register using social media accounts Without allowing the customers to go through the registration process, this feature allows them to sign up with the email address or with social media accounts like Facebook.
  • Chatbot It will let the customers to view product information and grocery stores that provide some popular items.
  • Voice recognition Customers can place their orders using this feature. They do not have to search for the product by typing or browsing from the grocery store’s inventory.
  • Phone or chat support Be it a technical support for app functionalities or to make any last-minute changes, customers can connect with the admin and delivery executive.
  • Reordering products Instead of ordering the same product by browsing, they can reorder them by accessing order history. This helps to save time and is convenient for them.
  • Online in-store purchase This features allows customers to buy groceries through bar code scanning in the grocery store or from the app by availing of discounts and schemes.

Is it easy to make revenue using the Instacart like app?

The standard revenue model for the grocery delivery app like Instacart involves the following. Business people get benefits by using any of these to make the most of their money.

Delivery fee

You can charge a delivery fee from customers for every order they place except for the first order they made using the app(optional). The delivery fee varies depending on purchase requirements.

Partner payment

You can charge a partnership fee from their partners who have integrated their service with the app for promotion.

Markup fee

You can earn money by collecting some percentage of the total net cost of the order.

Service fee

A compulsory service fee can be collected from customers for each order. They also set a mandatory shopper tip for the grocery delivery service.

Membership fee

It is a subscription-based revenue model. You can offer a yearly membership package so that customers can avail free deliveries for orders above some particular amount. A membership fee can be fixed by the business owners.

Why is it beneficial to prefer the Instacart app solution for business?

Using the app, customers can order groceries at affordable prices and receive them at their doorstep. Here are some of the benefits of the Instacart alternate app solution.

White-label solution

The app is fully integrated and a ready-made solution, which can be branded with the client's logo and company name.

Custom payment gateway

The app solution can be integrated with any popular payment gateways depending on the client's need.

App language

Similarly, multiple languages can be added so that language will not be a barrier for users.

Cost-effective and time consuming

In general, starting to develop the grocery delivery app from scratch takes more time and cost much. In case of the clone solution, it is ready-made so it takes only less time to develop with personalized features for business needs.

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