Uber Clone - Guide to Launch an On-demand Taxi App in 2021

Waiting for public transport to reach your destination might take a long time. In this case, customers prefer a taxi to reach their destination at the correct time. That is one of the main reasons people prefer taxis over public transports. Recently, taxi is considered to be the most common way of transportation used by many people.

Taxi app industry & stats

Uber is an American company and is considered one of the largest firms in the gig economy. They offer various services like ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation. Among all, Uber is most famous for its ride-hailing service. It is estimated that Uber has nearly 93 million active users worldwide. Uber offers a safe customer experience to reach their destination on time. Instead of waiting for a taxi or car on the street, customers can book their ride using the Uber app. New Entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in the ride-hailing industry can prefer Uber clone solution with scalable features.

Uber - Explained

The fundamental idea behind the taxi app industry is giving a platform for independent drivers and helping customers reach their destination without any delay. Taxi business owners are taking advantage of applications to move their business to the next level in the digital world.

According to Statista, revenue in the ride-hailing and taxi industry is going to reach US $260159m in 2021. It is estimated that by 2024, revenue for this industry will reach US $385942m with an annual growth rate of 10.4%.

Uber clone

Uber clone is an on-demand taxi booking solution. It is an alternative solution for launching a Uber-like ride-hailing app. It connects drivers and customers. It helps customers to find rides according to their convenience. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is looking forward to starting a ride-hailing business, it is the best way to consider a ready-made solution for app development. We offer this solution with customized features according to your business requirements.

How does Uber-like app work?

Some people do not have a personal mode of transportation. They can prefer a ride-hailing service that makes it easier to reach the destination safely without delay. The basic idea for an Uber-like app is to connect the customers and drivers. Let’s see how the Uber-like ride-hailing app works.

  • Step 1 Users open the ride-hailing service app and specify the pickup and drop location.
  • Step 2 Customers have the choice to select the vehicle size. Based on the chosen vehicle size, the price and the estimated drop-off time will be displayed.
  • Step 3 Uber-like app searches for nearby drivers. Drivers have the option to either accept or decline the request. If one driver declines the request, the app will search for another driver.
  • Step 4 Once the request is processed, the customer will see the driver’s real-time location.
  • Step 5 Driver reaches the customer’s location. As soon as the customer takes the ride, the app will display the route to reach the destination.
  • Step 6 After the ride, it is the driver’s and customer’s choice to give reviews/ratings in the app to each other.

How to launch a taxi app like Uber?

Before you set out to launch a taxi app like Uber, you have to go through the following steps. This might give business owners a clear insight into taxi app development.

  • Know your competitors Try to find a niche where the competition is low. It helps to build a customer base service with less competition in the market.
  • Audit and research Conduct in-depth research to explore all the features in the ride-hailing app.
  • Document your ideas Make a note of all the technical details, requirements, features, and app architecture.
  • Create and launch a taxi booking app like Uber Get help from an app development company like us to launch a taxi app.

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Features of the Taxi booking app

Customer app

  • Request rides Uber-like app gives an easy way to select a pick-up and drop location with a single tap.
  • Flexible payments Various payment options are available. So, customers can make payments without any hassles.
  • Rate & review Once the user reaches the drop-location, it is their choice to rate their ride experience in the app.
  • Live tracking Using this feature, users can see the driver’s location status who was assigned to their rides.
  • In-app wallet There is one more option in the app that makes the payment easy - the in-app wallet. In this, users can add their money, and payment gets processed in a few seconds when they need to pay for a ride.
  • Book for others This app allows users to book for themselves and their friends, relatives, and neighbors.
  • Invite & earn This is a quite interesting feature each app focuses on. If the users invite their friends to install and use the app, they will receive rewards once the app is installed.

Driver app

  • Link bank accounts This feature allows the drivers to link their bank account to the Uber-like app. This will be useful when customers prefer online payment.
  • Toggle availability According to the driver’s convenience, they can turn on/off this toggle to show their availability/unavailability.
  • Accept/reject rides Drives have the option to either accept or reject the ride request.
  • Route navigation This feature shows the optimized route that helps the driver to reach the pick-up location at the correct time.
  • Generate invoice At the end of each trip, the app will generate an invoice and share it with the drivers.
  • Earnings report This app will display all the earnings in one convenient place. It is easy for drivers to take a look at their earnings.

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Advanced Features

We made our business owner’s or entrepreneur’s ideas of developing a Uber-like app easier to implement. Here, we offer some additional features that let customers have a better experience.

  • Free app features update for a lifetime Even after completing your taxi app development; you can contact us to get any feature updates.
  • Customizable clone solution We help to customize the application according to your business requirements, including your brand name and logo.
  • Free multilingual support We integrate the app with multiple languages.
  • Schedule car trips in advance The ‘Book for later’ feature allows the users to schedule the ride at their convenience.
  • Multiple payment modes For the user’s convenience, we help to integrate various payment modes. So, users can select it according to their convenience.
  • Taxi app for physically challenged people This app offers the filter option to help physically challenged people with taxi booking.

How can business owners earn revenue through the Uber clone?

For the past few years, the Uber app has created a trend set in the ride-hailing industry. There is no doubt that the Uber clone solution is the same as the Uber app in accordance with ideas. Additionally, we are going to add some more features to customize the app as per your needs. Obviously, you can expect the best revenue from this. But, keep in mind that it is not going to happen within a week or month. You have to advertise the app on the right platform to reach the target audiences.

Benefits of a Uber clone solution

Developing and launching a new app similar to Uber takes more time, and the cost seems comparatively high. Instead, you can use our Uber clone (ready-made) solution. Cloning doesn’t imply copying. It means that delivering some ideas of the app and including additional features. You can customize your app with as many features as you need. Most importantly, it takes only less time to launch the Uber-like app.

Why choose Tranxit for Uber-like app development?

Tranxit is one of the leading app development companies with many happy clients all over the globe. We have a well-experienced team of app developers who build apps that meet client’s individual needs. We ensure to give an app in the specified time frame. We update the progress of the app development to our client and provide support even after the completion of the project.

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