UberEats Clone- Widen Your Food Delivery Business with an Online Food Delivery App

Online food delivery is not new; it has been there for a long time. Like, calling the restaurant to place the order, and it will be delivered to the customer's doorstep. After that, entered the third-party aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, and so on. As a result, the food delivery industry has entered a new phase of ordering customer's favorite food from a website or app. It is convenient for customers to place an order with ease.

Why should Entrepreneurs invest in an online food delivery service?

Worldwide, the revenue in the food delivery industry soon reaches US $151,526 million this year. Also, it is estimated that this industry's annual growth will increase at the rate of 6.4% by 2024. As it seems to emerge, many Entrepreneurs are investing more in this industry to build their business.

UberEats is an online food delivery platform that makes customers order the food they love from their favorite restaurant. Uber launched this food delivery app in 2014. Since then, it has attracted many customers. Customers can read menus, order the food they love in their favorite restaurants, and pay for it using their preferred payment modes. The UberEats app's reach is vast in this digital space where everyone is looking for the easiest way to purchase food online. It is an excellent time for online food delivery service startups. If you are one who is planning to do this, take a look at this blog. This blog gives a precise outline of the UberEats clone app and how beneficial it is for entrepreneurs.

UberEats clone is a white-label and customizable delivery app solution that enables business owners or entrepreneurs to launch their own food ordering app without any difficulties. This empowers businesses to rebrand the app with their business brand name, logo, UX palette, and so on.

The app can be completely customized according to your needs.

What is the workflow of the UberEats like app?

Before you get to know the details of developing the app, let see how the app works. The business's success rate relies 20% on the app's quality. And, the remaining depends on the clients' and partners' collaboration.

The working model comprises three sections: the Client-side (customer), Restaurant side, and Delivery side.

User or customer App

Enables new users to create an account using an email address or mobile number. Or else, customers can sign up for their account using Google, Facebook, or similar third-party applications.

  • 1 Customers can choose the nearby restaurants they like and order the food they love.
  • 2 They can choose from the various payment methods of the app for their convenience. Customers can claim their promo codes if any, while making the payment.
  • 3 After the payment, they can track the order status, estimated delivery time, and real-time location of the delivery executive who carries your order.
  • 4 Customers have the option to save the restaurants for future reference.
  • 5 Regarding the order, customers can contact the restaurant and delivery executive.

Restaurant App

Enables new users to create an account using an email address or mobile number. Or else, customers can sign up for their account using Google, Facebook, or similar third-party applications.

  • 1 The signup page enables food businesses to join the UberEats Clone platform. From the restaurant side, they have to provide necessary details like business name, location, business hours, contact information, etc.
  • 2 Restaurant owners can publish menus and include photos.
  • 3 They can view incoming orders and find nearby delivery executives who can pick the order from the restaurant.
  • 4 Using the cross interface communication feature, restaurant owners can communicate with customers and delivery executives.

Delivery executive App

  • 1 The delivery executive needs to sign up for the food delivery app.
  • 2 An order management page enables the delivery executive to book deliveries. They can see all the details of the order, including the pick-up and delivery location, order size, and customer's contact information.
  • 3 Before they pick the order, they can see the estimated delivery time.
  • 4 Delivery executives can chat with the customer and restaurant owners in case of any food delivery queries.
  • 5 The account history page shows a record of the delivery executive's experience with the particular customer.

Are you looking to begin a successful online food delivery app?

Features of the food delivery app solution

Customer/ User App

  • Swift Registration This feature enables the users to log in to your account with their email addresses.
  • Browse Restaurant Users can browse for nearby restaurants using this feature.
  • Live Tracking Users have the option to track the order status and real-time location of the delivery executive.
  • Order Takeaway Users who are not willing to avail of the home delivery service can take the orders from the restaurant once they place their order using the app.
  • Multiple Payment options The app provides a wide range of payment options for customers.
  • Reorder For user's convenience, they do not have to search for their favorite food every time. Instead, they can reorder the food by accessing the order history.

Restaurant App

  • Order Dashboard It enables the restaurant managers to monitor the status of the received orders.
  • Manage Business Profile Restaurant managers have the option to update the business profile, menu/categories, and orders.
  • Track payments They can even track the pending and transaction details.
  • Food Inventory Management This feature enables restaurant managers to monitor the availability of their stocks.
  • Promotions Restaurants can provide offers and discounts for their offerings.

Delivery executive App

  • Prompt Onboarding This feature enables the delivery executives to login into the app using their valid credentials.
  • Accept/reject request Delivery executives can accept/reject the delivery executives momentarily.
  • Route Optimization The UberEats Clone app displays the shortest route devoid of traffic to the delivery executive. This helps them to reach the destination without any delay.
  • Push Notification Once the delivery request is assigned to the delivery executive, the app will send a message via push notification.
  • Earnings Corner Delivery executives can view their earnings using this feature available in the app.

How do Entrepreneurs earn revenue through
an UberEats like app?

Four main monetization strategies have to be followed to make money through the UberEats like app.

Fees from customers/users:

Delivery fee - Depending on the delivery executive's location and availability, customers have to pay the delivery fee. In general, the delivery fee may range between 1$ and $5. But you may change this according to your choice.

Service fee - You can charge the customers for the delivery service.The UberEats app charges a service fee, i.e., 15% of the customer's order subtotal.

Order fee - You can charge the customer depending on order amount. If the order total is less than $10, the UberEats app charges $2. You can determine the cost as you wish.

Subscription fee from customers/users

Users/customers have the option to pay a monthly subscription fee if they want Eats Pass, where they can avail of some advanced services or features.

Commission fee from restaurants

The app charges a commission fee of 15% to 40% for each order the restaurant receives via the UberEats like app. Again, you may consider fixing the percentage of your choice.

Advertising fee from restaurants

Another source of revenue is through marketing. You can charge from restaurants to get featured or tie up with third-party services and showcase their products/services.

What are the benefits of the UberEats clone app?

The success of apps like UberEats has encouraged Entrepreneurs to invest money in the food delivery industry. As already mentioned, this industry has termed to be the evergreen one. Two ways to develop the UberEats like app are developing it from scratch or using the UberEats clone solution. Comparatively, developing the UberEats like app using the white-label solution has various benefits for Entrepreneurs. Some of them are mentioned below.

The app is cost-effective. Usually, developing an app from scratch takes nearly 3-5 months. However, the clone app can be launched instantly in the market. To sustain the food delivery industry, customer satisfaction is necessary. Also, the app you deliver must go with the market trend. Taking this into consideration, developing the app using the clone solution is preferable. You can enhance the app by customizing it.

Why do you have to choose Tranxit for the UberEats-like app development?

Tranxit is a mobile app development company that offers highly customizable mobile applications to our clients. We value integrity, transparency, assurance, and security the most. Our developers customize the UberEats clone app solution that suits your business needs.

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Business success depends on how friendly the app is for customers. Multiple payment options such as Credit/debit cards, net banking, cash-on-delivery, and other online transactions are included in the app for their convenience.

We assure our clients that all the details provided for the project are safe and secure. As we value our client's data a lot, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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