Zomato Clone- A Robust Food Ordering and Delivery App Solution for Your Business

Each business person looks for a way to make revenue from their business. Recently, online food order and delivery systems are excelling. Therefore, the opportunities for startups, Entrepreneurs, and companies are high. As a result, many business people are buying or developing apps for their business.

Scope of the food delivery industry

In the past few years, the food delivery industry revenue has increased to a greater extent. The US food delivery revenue in 2020 is $26.5 billion. There is an estimation that revenue in this industry will be $182,327million by 2024. Also, there will be an expectation that an annual growth rate will be 6.36%. This industry's future scope is expected to grow tremendously as many people like to order food from favorite restaurants. That too, doorstep delivery is the added advantage for them.

Why do you have to choose a Zomato-like app for the food delivery service?

Businesses like Zomato, food panda, UberEats, and Just Eat are growing day by day. Also, many more delivery apps are available in the market. Then, why do many business people prefer to buy a Zomato clone app for their business? Here is the answer to that. Zomato is the fastest-growing food delivery service provider. And, the food delivery app is used by many people because of its user-friendly nature.

Zomato clone app solution enables business people to launch their food delivery app by customizing it with superior features and sturdy functionality. This makes the app stand unique and it makes the food ordering process much easier for customers. It is a scalable food delivery app solution with robust nature. To get your app built, you can contact an app development company like Tranxit.

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How does it work?

Zomato-like app works on the on-demand business model. The overall steps are explained here.

  • Step 1 Whenever a customer places the order in the app, the respective restaurant receives a notification about the order details.
  • Step 2 Restaurant processes the order. Meanwhile, the nearest delivery executive will receive the notification to pick the order from the restaurant. If the delivery executive does not accept the delivery request, the app will notify the next available delivery executive.
  • Step 3 Once the restaurant prepares the order, the respective delivery executive will get the restaurant's order.
  • Step 4 The delivery executive prefers the best-optimized route shown by the app. So that they can reach the customer's doorstep within a reasonable time.
    In case of any queries, customers can connect with the delivery executive and restaurant via in-app chat/call. Likewise, delivery executives can connect with the customers and restaurants.

How to launch a food delivery app like Zomato?

Worldwide, there are a lot of app development companies. Consider any one of the companies and approach them to develop a Zomato like app for your business. If you reach us for app development, it is the right choice. Our app development process involves five stages, market research, design, development, testing, and launching the app.

At the first stage, we will analyze the latest market trends. Meanwhile, we will get your business ideas and develop a plan accordingly.

Our expert developers team designs the app that suits your business needs and develops it. The app testing stage is the critical one. We will test the performance of the app in all aspects. Once done, the app is ready to launch. In the final stage, we will launch the app on popular platforms with your permission. We ensure that the source code of the app will be handed over to you.

Salient features offered by the Zomato clone app

Customer app

  • Secure registration/sign-in To use this app, customers have to sign up using their email address, phone number, or social media accounts.
  • Sort/filter This feature allows the users to find restaurants that offer food they love.
  • Add to cart Customers can add any number of food items (without any restrictions) from a single restaurant to the cart.
  • Payment process To confirm the order, customers have to process the payment using one of the available payment options.
  • Instant alerts The app will alert the customer's order status through push notifications.
  • Order tracking Once the food order is out for delivery, customers can track it.
  • In-app chat/call In case of queries, customers can communicate with the restaurants and delivery executives using this feature.
  • Ratings & reviews It is up to the customer's choice to give feedback for the food delivery service and the food they ordered from the respective restaurant.

Delivery executive app

  • Registration This feature allows the delivery executive to sign up with the app using their valid credentials such as email address or phone number.
  • Profile verification To verify the delivery executive account's authenticity, they have to upload or submit all the necessary documents in the app.
  • Profile creation It allows the delivery executive to create their profile with name, contact details, photos, and other required information.
  • Toggle mode They can enable or disable the toggle to show their availability or unavailability.
  • Accept/reject requests They can accept the delivery request from customers or reject it according to their preferences.
  • Easy navigation Easy and best-optimized route is what delivery executives expect to reach the customer's location on time.
  • Order history The delivery executive can view all completed, ongoing, and canceled orders using this feature.
  • Earning statistics Using this feature, delivery executives can get their earnings reports weekly/monthly/yearly.

Restaurant app

  • Registration Restaurant owners have to register their restaurants with the app by submitting all the necessary documents.
  • Restaurant profile They can manage their restaurant details such as restaurant name, address, opening hours, etc.
  • Menu management For customer's easy reference, restaurant owners can categorize the food items accordingly.
  • Availability This feature is to show the availability of the restaurant. If restaurant owners have enabled this feature, it denotes that the restaurant is open to take orders and vice versa.
  • Customer support Using this feature, customers can connect with the restaurant owners for any queries.
  • Manage orders The app will send an alert message to the restaurant owners about the food orders, which help them to process the order soon.
  • Pricing and billing They can manage the pricing details of the food they offer. Also, they manage the billing process for every order they process.
  • Track order As soon as the delivery executive picks the order from the restaurant, restaurant owners can track their real-time location till they hand over the order to the customer's doorstep.
  • Order history All the order information along with the invoice details are available here.
  • Earnings report It allows restaurant owners to view their earnings daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Advanced Features of the Zomato clone app

  • OTP verification While customers sign up with the app, the app will send the OTP to their email address or phone number for verification.
  • Manage delivery address Using this feature, customers can save multiple delivery addresses. So that they can choose one of them quickly while placing their order.
  • Special instructions While restaurants process the customers' orders, customers can give special instructions to them using this feature.
  • Live chat This feature is available to resolve customer queries. Customers can communicate with the support team via an app without sharing their phone numbers.
  • Advanced analytics It is provided for admins who get a report regarding the business performance.

Revenue model - This is how Zomato like apps are making money

There are many ways to monetize the food delivery app. Entrepreneurs can consider any of the following ways to make revenue.

  • Delivery fee You can charge a delivery fee for the food delivery service by considering the distance between the pickup and delivery location.
  • Registration fee You can even collect some amount of money from the restaurants who are registering with your app. One thing you have to consider is to verify the restaurant before you list them on your app.
  • Commission Another way of making revenue is by collecting a substantial amount of money as commission whenever the restaurant registered with your app has processed the order. You can fix the commission percentage based on your business needs.
  • Advertisement fee This way is considered to be the most common way of making revenue from the Zomato clone app. In this method, you can promote a third-party business by displaying advertisements.

Does developing a Zomato like app benefit business people?

Entrepreneurs can make money from it once they launch a Zomato like app. The Zomato clone is a ready-made solution. It is not necessary to invest more money on app development. They can buy the customized app solution from an app development company like Tranxit.

Additionally, this process does not take much time to launch an app in the market. Despite this, business people can get profit by following the standard monetization strategies.

Why choose us?

Tranxit is a well-established app development company with many happy clients across the globe. The solution we offer is robust and can be customized and scalable at any time. Our products are more valuable for high quality and innovations with the latest technology.

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